What the Hell is this?
Once uppon a time, fellow hackers were in a hacker camp. At some point, the internet stopped working. Turns out some rodent had eaten a fiber. This rodent became the most hated thing in a 10km radius for a while (even more hated than systemD)

This has lead to the drawing of the squirrel eating the cable that is now printed on most NOC equipment in those camps (if you go there, you will find a lot of references to it). Turns out that the person who drew it is also a lovely member at our hackerspace :-) . So, when we decided to transit our own IPv6's, we got the idea of giving it a little homage.

Projects and links will come with time. We are in a move right now. So we are still reconstructing the entire network. (you can come and say hello BTW ;-) hsbxl.be if interested)

(as you can see, we currently don't do webdesign... But if you want to help, here is the repo :) )

Network Weathermap :
If you don't have IPv6, you won't be able to load this. Please upgrade to standard.
This is the Network Weathermap. PS : If no IPv6 on your network, you won't get it. Please upgrade to the standard